YouTube Premieres

The ability to stream your lessons into your Canvas course is a great strategy for teachers that are looking for a way to be more efficient in delivering lessons. Webs and Mike discuss how to do this with YouTube Premieres and your Discussion Page type in Canvas.

Why Streaming?

Streaming allows all parties in your course to have more control over their instruction. As an instructional designer, you can determine the exact time video resources will be available for learners. Learners will also have the comfort of not only knowing the exact time that lessons will be available, but also replay them at their own pace.

With attendance issues and teacher vacancies being an issue, streaming could be a solution that can alleviate instructional challenges.

YouTube is the most popular video platform on the planet. Like most learning management systems, Canvas takes advantage of this and allows instructional designers to easily add video to pages. YouTube Premieres allows you to schedule your video at any time you desire.

Why YouTube Premieres?